Shabbona Creek RV Atkinson Motorsports Park
It's a pretty bold statement to say that we know it all. But in our case, it's the truth.

Meet the Experts

Shabbona RV (whose name honors legendary real-life Ottawa Indian leader Chief Shabbona) is one of the few RV dealers that's in the very country its clients love. It's familiar, and homey ... visitors feel like they're already camping. And because of the Interstate, it's an easy destination from any part of the country.

It's a pretty bold statement to say that we know it all. But in our case, it's the truth. You won't find more RVing expertise anywhere. That's because Shabbona Creek RV is a family business where everyone -- blood-relation or not -- puts their heart and soul into making your RV experience the most enjoyable adventure you'll ever have.

Parts manager April Enyeart has RVing in her blood -- her parents are the owners Tom and Vicky Enyeart. April started her career as a detailer, washing and cleaning the recreational vehicles inside and outside. "She's family. You can trust her," says her mom. "Like everyone else who works here, her whole heart is in the business. We're like a great big family even if we're not related. They're all in it because they want to be here."

Accountant Theresa DeSplinter keeps the books to manage the day-to-day business of Shabbona.

Receptionist Linda Combs may be the first person new clients meet and hear, because she answers the phone and greets visitors. Linda also takes care of vehicle-related paperwork such as titles.

Vicky Enyeart is the warranty administrator and service writer. She works with the manufacturers to ensure that warranty repairs are covered and paid, and also writes service tickets to secure documentation for every service need.

Owner/operator Tom Enyeart is the owner of Shabbona Creek RV, which has been in business since 1980.