Shabbona Creek RV Atkinson Motorsports Park
We do everything right here at Shabbona Creek!

Full-Service Dealership

Complete Service Center

We do everything right here at Shabbona Creek!! As one of the only full-service RV dealers anywhere, our technicians complete every vehicle repair you can think of: alignment, brakes, engine, tires, oil change and wipers. Our electricians can repair air conditioning units, entertainment systems, generators, heat, lighting systems, refrigerators, microwaves, washers and dryers. And our plumbers can fix anything in the bathroom, from the tub to the shower, as well as the kitchen sink. We also offer full service RV Body Repair & Painting

Extended Warranty

Most motor home buyers, particularly those who choose used RVs, also purchase an extended warranty -- it's like buying an insurance policy. The warranty covers the engine, refrigerator and microwave; virtually every component of a motorhome. Replacing an RV engine could cost $10,000, so buying an extended warranty is a practical idea. Most new motor homes already have an extended warranty. Many RVers wait until the manufacturer's warranty runs out, then purchase an extended one.

A Look Inside